Friday, April 08, 2005

Haven't post for long time! sorry guys (and gals!)

Well. .i know i know.. i've been lazy on posting lately
live is just a bit too busy...
but anyway..
good news is.. i finally got a co-op position!!!! a company that does DTV decoder chip!! and even better is one of my classmate actually got the job too.. so... i already know someone in the loop!

what else.. well... exam schedule is up... 2 of my worse nightmare are scheduled on the same day... what a b*t*h! ah well.. that's life..

what .. u want more about what happened since march 25?..well... let's see... I don't think i mentioned to u that me and her seperated natually 2 months ago.. right (ya. i konw is not within the last 10 days.. but who care... ) we are still friends but.. u know... things get a little awkward after these... ah well...

more? well... i dont' know.. what else u wanna know... leave me a comment and i will answer!

right now.. gotta go on a field trip !! :D

take care


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