Wednesday, March 09, 2005


So! I finally got my Zigbee kit today... what's inside is here
but i guess some of u will go.. what is Zigbee!?
Well.. essentually is a wireless protocol that's like Bluetooth or 802.11x...
BUT this one is designed for microcontroller application.. and in industrial environment
so.. what it means.. is.. think about wireless security system, wireless motor control, sensor.. etc
still have no idea? check this site
or... still got no clue.. let's just say.. a new toy for me :D
it comes with a breakwaway sensor board, with E-Field sensor, one Z accelerometer, one XY accerlerometer, a pressure sensor, and a IO IC. Also 3 transeciever board (one is USB too!)
2 Software CD (code warrior for HCS08, and IDE) cable and stuff.. AND!!!! a T-Shirt!! woohoo!!
This is gonna be fun! :D
anyway... back to my geek-chamber!


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