Saturday, March 12, 2005

More Zigbee

well... I just came across with this on slashdot!
apparently a company called "C-Guys" had made a SDIO Zigbee card, which will be release in Mid-March!!!
OMG!! looks like Zigbee is gonna be big!
of course, some of you might say.. so.. what... SDIO Zigbee card.. i dont even know what it does!
well.. is basically mean there will be a card that u can plug in to your handheld device that with a SD card slot. and u can communicate with the Zigbee enabled device! and guess what.. i just got a Zigbee development kit RIGHT BEHIND ME 2 days ago! (look the the post below)
i don't know about you....but i AM excited
detail to see this press, click here


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