Friday, March 25, 2005

Acadamic Award! woohoo!

Sweet! so i just got an award yesterday.. finally hard work got pays off... for the first time..
500 bucks! ... hmmm should i consider buying a ipod mini or something?
Hmmmm probably not.. :p

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

First interview of the year

well.. i got my first co-op interview so far.. and the first one this year
a company i really wanna work for too..
so hope i will get a calll for 2nd interview.... hopefully

ah well.. .i dont' think i am very well these day.. headache today..
so i will head to bed early...

Friday, March 18, 2005

So today, i was @ walmart

I was hoping to pickup one of those Philips Divx player for my dad but they are sold out! ..

And i was hungry so i was grabbing a McDeal at McRonald!

And.. accidently.. i saw this ad from walmart!
then i was like..


A "Priceless" spring Potraits!.. that cost $4.95+tax

I thought u said PRICELESS!? and u put a price on it!?

i mean.. com'on!.... is it me who are being picky? or is the advertising department wasn't thinking at all..

Gees.. i think this pict itself is priceless...
let me go print it and see how much it cost! :p

Anyway... what can i say...

I guess i have to go to bestbuy for that DivX player...

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

No post? what's up with this!!?

"Hey Dude! you haven't been blogging for... days! what's up with this!"

Well... don't worry... i am still here... it just that nothing really worth mentioning happened these days... other then i bend and hurt my left thumb while skating..(don't ask.. trust me)

so... anyway.. stay tune.. i will have something post very soon... :)

Saturday, March 12, 2005

More Zigbee

well... I just came across with this on slashdot!
apparently a company called "C-Guys" had made a SDIO Zigbee card, which will be release in Mid-March!!!
OMG!! looks like Zigbee is gonna be big!
of course, some of you might say.. so.. what... SDIO Zigbee card.. i dont even know what it does!
well.. is basically mean there will be a card that u can plug in to your handheld device that with a SD card slot. and u can communicate with the Zigbee enabled device! and guess what.. i just got a Zigbee development kit RIGHT BEHIND ME 2 days ago! (look the the post below)
i don't know about you....but i AM excited
detail to see this press, click here

Wednesday, March 09, 2005


So! I finally got my Zigbee kit today... what's inside is here
but i guess some of u will go.. what is Zigbee!?
Well.. essentually is a wireless protocol that's like Bluetooth or 802.11x...
BUT this one is designed for microcontroller application.. and in industrial environment
so.. what it means.. is.. think about wireless security system, wireless motor control, sensor.. etc
still have no idea? check this site
or... still got no clue.. let's just say.. a new toy for me :D
it comes with a breakwaway sensor board, with E-Field sensor, one Z accelerometer, one XY accerlerometer, a pressure sensor, and a IO IC. Also 3 transeciever board (one is USB too!)
2 Software CD (code warrior for HCS08, and IDE) cable and stuff.. AND!!!! a T-Shirt!! woohoo!!
This is gonna be fun! :D
anyway... back to my geek-chamber!

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Blue light

No no.. i am not talking about beer!
I quit drinking Long Long time ago! (ya.. i actually did...)

Just that i went to bought a blue energy saving bulb today.. and it looks actually very cool!

unfortunately i don't think i can study with this light... without hurting my eyes... :p

Monday, March 07, 2005

SO where's the update!

Some ppl are gonna say.. Hey! i thought u said u gonna update your page! with newer stuff.. where did it go..
well.. unfortunately.. i was really tired these few days... so.. i make use of my last bit of energy...
the update will come... soon... really..

Class started? No really

So! it's the monday after the break...
took me long time to drag myself up and go to class...
Gawd! i was tired !!!
but what's worse is... there is no class!!!!
All the class got somehow canceled one way or the other! darn!!
ah well.. good to get some rest... i guess...

Gonna do some update later on today.. so the page looks better :D

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Walk walk walk!

OMG! i walked the whole day in downtown today.. gawd.. I AM TIRED!
but i did got some good stuff for my projects... which is good :D
will post more detail later.. too tired tonight.. :p

gonna stay in school to work tomorrow.. so.. i might not update till later at night

don't miss me... too much :D

Sleeping problem

Ok! i think i have a sleeping disorder or something..
I went to bed at 11ish and woke up at 7 everyday... this doesn't sounds like a "modern 26 years old person" ...
but i guess this is called healthy... right?
However.. if this is healthy.. how come i am tired!!? what's up with THAT...

anyway... gonna do some job searching today.... yes... i AM looking for a job... so if u think u can offer me one.. feel free to contact me!... seriously! :p

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Basic stuff of this page is DONE!

As the title said...

The basic Stuff that is on the page is DONE!!!
Stuff like links and projects and works.... whatever i got from the old page...

so.. next thing is to add new stuff.. new projects, etc!
and so what is that mean!? this page is OFFICALLY open!!!! wooohoo!

How to destroy the Earth

Sam's Archive How to destroy the Earth

Ok.. this is one of the funniest website i've seen lately!
How on earth to destroy the earth!
So.. for u Evil villian! .. better read this before u even THINK about it.. it might be easier to just become a millionare... :D

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

OMG! it's white! everywhere!

Mood: Peaceful

OMDL!!!! lot of snow! it's snow EVERYWHERE!!!!!

when u look outside.. it's ALLLLLL white!! ... EVERYWHERE!

I mean.. i love snow! .. i actually do.. but this may be a little... too much?.. isn't it?

Ah.. well.. what can u do.. this is Canada... guess there's gonna be a lot of execise today...

So anyway... is another new day... things change.. things stay.. still gotta move forward! *Shrug*

Gawd.. i am tired