Monday, February 28, 2005

Picture test

It's just a picture test


Finally watched Constantine!
but as my buddy said... i probably have to watch it again..
lot of the parts that i don't fully understand yet...
my poor Biblical background........ sigh...
ah well.. i guess i will find a day to watch it again

not bad movie tho.. pretty good effect!
if you haven't watch it... u should ...

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Saturday morning! awwwwww

Mood: Strange

For some mysterious reason, I thought i went to bed real early last night ... around 11:20!
but when i woke up this morning.. it feels like.. i haven't slept at all! OMG.. I was tired as h*ll!
I guess .. my body was sleeping, but my brain was keep thinking about the stuff going on in life! what a strange feeling!!!

anyway... on this beautiful but Cooooooooooooold saturday morning, trying hard enough to get out of bed... came to school and listen to a 76 slides powerpoint "walkthrough"... . what a great way to end the week eh!?

Well.. if i don't pass out later on today.. i might post another post as the day progress!

Friday, February 25, 2005

Library Manager

Mood: tired (is tired a mood?)

Turns out that being a manager is not a easy job!!!!
I was somehow got into organizing the part library for a PCB project for the post dipolma classes!
OMG!!! getting everyone's parts together is not as easy as i think...
it just everyone designed a little differently, plus timing and all that....

but it was still a nice experience!! i will do that again if i got chance (3rd project coming up?)

anyway... gonna go out for dinner.. .. hope u all will enjoy yours too!

*PS: i am gonna add a Mood entry for the blog from now on! :D

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Office Day

Well.. is Thursday again... i am working in the main office of the school.. fixing the webpage of the department..... while watching everyone coming in and out of the office....
Figure if i can just step back a bit... watching things go by...
it's actually more fun than getting myself involve...

i guess i make my life lot more complicated than it suppose to be.. or .. it could've been...

Ah well!!!! Deals with it dude!!! keep working! Duh!


Testing testing 123!